Best Resignation Letter Sample Due to Travel Distance

A resignation letter is a formal letter authored by an employee, resigning their job duties and responsibilities. When writing a resignation letter due to the travel distance for work, it’s essential to inform the employer that the reason for the resignation deals with the cost of travel. It’s better to focus less on the inconvenience of the travel distance.

Before authoring the letter of resignation, speak with the manager or supervisor. Inform them of the desire to resign. The meeting acts as the verbal notice of resignation or verbal notification. In this meeting, inform the manager of the reason for resigning. And then proceed to determine the appropriate next steps. The meeting includes determining the notice period length (typically two weeks’ notice period) and the notice period’s objectives.

When writing a resignation letter informing the employer of the desire to leave the company due to travel distance, it may be useful to include costs associated with the travel.

Resignation Letter Due to Travel Distance

Below is a sample resignation letter, resigning due to the travel distance to work.

John Smith
[email protected]
123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

June 1st, 2019

Apple, Inc.
Junior Johnson
[email protected]
Senior Management
123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear Junior —

This letter acts as the formal resignation of my job duties as Product Designer at Apple, Inc. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be able to learn with this great team and great company. I have enjoyed our time together and have been able to take away multiple skills and abilities that I wouldn’t have been able to gather independently.

The reason for resigning is due to travel distance to work. Due to my current location, I am spending roughly 15% of my time and my paycheck on travel arrangements to get to the office.

Unfortunately, this cost is too high for me. I am seeking alternative employment to find a closer location to home or an alternative method of work.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

My final day of employment will be two weeks from today, June 15th, 2019.

John Smith

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